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sickness, Christmas and pups

It’s been a wild ride the past 4 days and nights. Christmas Eve Eve, Eden began waking up in a cold sweat screaming! Not just screaming but like someone was cutting her legs off screaming. I’d get to her and have to rub her joints, her knees, hips and ankles and she’d get back to sleep. To only as I laid down wake me up again in the exact same way. This has gone on for 4 nights. The fever is back, on again off again. They said she doesn’t have RA or JA,but her joints swell, the pain is horrible, they are red..I just don’t know.  Her feedings are down as well, I can already begin to see the bones sticking out again. Called her regular Dr and she is sending us to Vandy Ortho..which means I am now up to 9 specialists that criss cross all over Middle Tn.  Somedays it’s almost 2 hours just to get to one of her Dr’s and that is one way.

Which leads me to our next venture. Hubby and I have been talking moving. We love where we live.. we really do, and with Hubbies job he can work anywhere here as long as we keep the same area code. Problem is, to get to some of the specialists Eden requires means long drives, long hours there, then love drives back. It’s’s alot on a mommy who is already sleep deprived and a little girl who doesn’t feel good and if it’s a day she feels really bad then it’s just too much period. One option would keep us with this current company and relocate us back to Florida..which is not something I personally like the idea of .  Sorry everyone..we love and miss our people back there..but so sick of the state..the heat, hurricanes and a 400 dollar electric bill! The other option would take us North, back to Philly where Hubby is from. He has family there which is a plus we’d love Eden to grow up near family, CHOPs is there….it’s up in the air. Alot would have to change for that move to happen.

Christmas, minus her not feeling great, we just worked around the bad spells. Christmas Eve Eve,  we went to our local Tractor Supply Company (I told you we live in the sticks) where they had Santa and two reindeer. We learned alot about them like they want oatmeal not carrots on Christmas!

We made Christmas cookies all day Thursday, watched some tv, set out some cookies and milk for santa..and Oatmeal for the reindeer.

The puppy was brought home late on Christmas Eve ..he’s soo adorable..Eden was very surprised. She got a great remote control car that she loves to chase the other dogs with lol, the puppy and the handy manny tool bench..oh and make up..that was a last second request lol. Hubby was surprised with a decked out Wii and a bow and arrow he wanted (He thinks he’s going to hunt)?? I have a new Camcorder so I will try and upload some video to this thing If I can figure out how lol.

Now on to planning her big 5th birthday party Winter extravaganza lol.

Hope all had a Merry Christmas!!


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