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i’m sick..she’s sick..blah

Sorry for lack of updates. I have been really wrung out lately. Right after Christmas, I began pulling a few all nighters for various reasons. Has zero help. It really took it’s toll and I ended up with a massive lung infection. Nothing and I mean nothing is making it better. Last week, Eden began to turn blue. By the end of the night, she was in full distress and I’m on the phone screaming at the Dr. More Prednisone more, treatments, more antibiotics. Still did not get better. Long long weekend of her being sick..mommy no sleep. Get where I’m going with this?? It’s hard to make her life normal during periods like this. It’s hard to do anything when you are seriously just so tired all you want to do is crawl into bed with the covers over your head and not move for a month.

Yesturday (Day 5 of the Blizzard of the century for TN) I took her to a new Allergy/Asthma/Pulmologist.  I felt comfortable at the amount of time he spent with us. His approach to not do surgery again so quickly and to put her on shots again. He did change up her medication routine which is alot more meds, higher dosages than normal and a longer medication routine. It took over an hour to get it all done last night. She does seem better this morning.

Tomorrow is my Princess fuzzybear’s birthday. She will be the big 5!! I can’t believe it..I really can’t. 5 years ago today..I was -packing, buying, because I knew that at 7 am tomorrow I was going to be having my c section. Yesturday I was having an amnio and screaming at the Tech lol to make sure her lungs were as ok as they could be to come out early.

BLIZZARD!!! ??? Ok. So last Tuesday it all started. My husband went to Walmart Tuesday night to pick up some milk and they were all out. He’s like what gives. They explained they had issued a Winter Weather WARNING for us and everyone was stocking up for the BIG EVENT?! Well we checked the news and it wasn’t saying naything but they told him our area would not be getting anymore supplies after Wednesday and if he wanted to make sure we had stuff he needed to be back at Walmart the next morning by 6am?? So we did..HOLY COW??! You’d have thought the world was coming to an end! We were fortunate enough to have heeded that advice  because by noon, there was no milk, no bread, water..any staples. Everyone was making fun of those people..and then it happened. Thursday morning..the snow came..and it came..and it came..and it came…AND IT CAME!!! We did not get as much as they said..but we got about 2 inches. The main highway is NOT the’s that almost all of us in one shape or form, live off of back roads, mountains and hills!! Then even worse Friday..morning, we were windshield of negative 10!!! So all that nice powder snow we got..that didn’t melt…it all froze..and we have YET to get out of those negative temps. It has not been above freezing since last Thursday!! School has been shut down for over 5 days…as soon as the ice starts to refreezes..driving to get Eden to the Dr’ was insane. This Florida girl finally got snow..I kinda wish we had gotten more..and hey it’s only a month into winter so it COULD Come lolol.

Eden’s Agent called from Florida. They want us to plan to come down in early spring to shoot a new Comp Card and plan on her doing work for Disney, Universal and basically all the parks there. They are also wanting us to drive down to Atlanta to meet with one of the top Childrens agencies there. Big question I really want to be driving to all those hubs. The plus side is…I have family in Atlanta and central Florida to stay with. Down side, I have to drive. Eden really can’t fly so it is driving.  We are entertaining the idea of signing her with another agency here in Nashville as well to do local work. It’s just harder to find a ligit agency to represent children, who are not trying to make a buck off of you paying for stupid classes and placement on a website. BIG TIP…if any agency ever tries to sell you modeling classes, pay for exclussive comp cards or to be on their website..RUN!! They only way an agency should be making money is if their talent is WORKING!!

Hoping to get some scrapbooking in this Friday. Maybe things looking up??


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