The Flood

May 5, 2010 edensmommy

I’ve lived in Florida my whole life. Been through so many hurricanes it’s second nature. Nothing prepared me for what happened this weekend. News coverage does not begin to give the accurate details of how bad this was. People were literally driving on I 24 when a wall of water came at them. It was like something out of the Day after Tomorrow. In seconds cars were over turned, people were trapped, drowning, Semi’s half submerged. Levee’s began to leak and break. The Cumberland River began to swell. I used to love to walk first and 2nd ave downtown Nashville. My husband used to work right on it. I know how far up that water had to travel to begin flooding those buildings. It easily had to have risen a good 25 feet. Over 25 dead..more to be uncovered as the waters begin to go down. The Grand old Opry was flooded. Opryland was evacuated only hours before tragedy struck. It is now under 10 feet of water. I personally live on the Caney Fork River which the Cumberland dumps into. Minus some flooding in our basement…we were spared. But my dear friend lost her business. The whole building was under water. She could not get to it and asked me to get as close as I could to see. I wanted to throw up. She has two small children one with special needs. Her Auction house was something she started on a shoe string and worked her tail off to make success. They did not have insurance.
So many peoples lives were destroyed and changed in an instant. Please I encourage you to donate to the TN Redcross. Especially Nashville and Smith county.


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