1 step forward 5 steps back

March 30, 2010 edensmommy

Well first the reason for my lack of postings is..I could NOT remember my login nor the email I used for it lolol.

Second things have been so up and down the past 2 months I’m surprised I don’t have whip lash.

Ok first thing I want to know..Deb..did Nestor laugh you out of the house when he saw Amelia’s Blinged out chair?? One word for you girl…FANTABULOUS!!! Love it!!

So long story short..I THINK.

Two months ago we thought we were given basically a miracle. We were put in touch with this great and he’s still great Dr who specialized in asthma, allergies and most important the immune system. He did nearly 32 viles of blood work (we wont discuss the amount of screaming and crying and the near nervous break down mommy had trying to deal with her being stuck a half a dozen times because her veins kept calapsing) He brought us back in..had great news. He could fix Eden. Not just fix her but with about 6 different medications at higher dosages..it should not just make her better but allow her to live a rather normal life…..and it did…..but stick with me here.

So the next thing that changed was…we met some friends in the music industry at Fido’s (Favorite coffee shop..if in town..have the dalmation latte or the milkbone) near Music Row (Where all the major music labels in Nashville are) I had the lovely Eden with me and this guy walks by and stops dead in his tracts. He’s like my name is Josh, I run this talent agency just down the road. Your daughter could make serious money in acting and modeling. Give me a call ASAP! Eden has done 3 commercials before she was 4 and 6 modeling jobs locally before. So it wasn’t a super shock but not a road we were thinking of going down again. I had asked around about him and after a long meeting decided ok we’ll go for it. Soon after we were courted by a few managers but have yet to really pick one. She has shot for Winter Arden knits out of New England and was lined up for 2 weeks in Florida with the possibility of a Disney shoot. I’ll post you some of her photo’s from the photo shoot with much thanks to Krista Lee photography in Downtown Nashville.

I really thought great things were happening..don’t get me wrong..they still are..BUT THEN the other shoe fell. I had begun running/walking again at our local park. Eden would go running with me..we were having a blast. There was a produce stand set up and I picked up some fresh fruit..washed it really well and handed it to Eden. She began eating the oranges, apples and berries. Then it happened…her throat began to close up….her face turned red..like fire engine red..she couldn’t breath. Luckily I had 2 epi pens with me..and it took 2 to just get her to the ER down the road. It was super close…and an emergency trip back to the Allergist…they retested her. But nothing..and I mean NOTHING I fed her…was she allergic too???!!! WHAT THE HECK??!! So they sent me on my way.  Then she went to chickale..I know I”m killing the spelling but whatever…she had a milkshake..and lemonaid…it happened freaking again!!!!??? They retested her..it didn’t show up again. So they did more blood work and now what are they saying…she has serious Chemical allergies. She’s allergic to dies…allergic to pesticides…anything that is not natural…or has any artificial color in any way shape or form…so then what the crap am I supposed to do…so tomorrow is more Dr’s..tomorrow is more blood and hopefully a good nutrtionist to shed light on this…

However I am not stopping her modeling at this time. We are still going to go to FLorida at the end of this month. HOpefully the right doors will open. We were asked by an agency in NYC to come and stay for the summer..but not knowing crap about NYC or her health at the moment…I’m kinda waiting. Hoping it’s not a bad decision but we shall see.

So Im’ back..now that I know my password lolol


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