December 22, 2009 edensmommy

 I appologize to anyone who read my earlier post. I THOUGHT I put it under private, just something I wrote to get it out of my head to sleep but OPS! Guess that’s what I get for writing at Hope I didn’t offend anyone.

So I put 2 toaster struddles in the toaster. They came out a bit well done..yet..still cold in the middle? WHAT THE HECK??!!

If you have not yet head the Christmas song “Winter Snow” by Audrey Assad. Go find it on I tunes or whatever you listen too! It’s amazing! She’s our dear friend. Met years ago, she’s so talented as both a song writer, muscian and song writer. I was  beyond blessed to have her not only write the music for my wedding but have her sing as well. Too bad she didn’t stick around for the reception but that was back during her I do too many weddings stage lol. Now she’s all grown up in so many ways, such a beautiful women. Many changes have come her way this year and many more to come in the next. She has signed with EMI as a writer and now as a recording artist. Her first CD will come out this Spring..I believe in April. So go check her out!! You will not regret it.

Ok that was my little blog informercial lol.

I have almost all my gift wrapping done. Eden’s second to last gift came in last night, the Handy Manny tool bench. Just to pick up the puppy Christmas eve and we are all set. For some reason it still does not feel like the holidays to me but I’m giving it my best Ho ho ho attempt!

I’m enclosing a photo I took the Christmas I was pregnant with Eden. we had just moved out of our townhouse in Palm beach and were living with Hubbies uncle until after Eden was born. We didn’t have a Christmas tree but Hubby went out and bought me lights. SOOOO I did what any creative artist would do…I decorated the DOG! This is Booboo. Her real name is Sahara..I call her pain in the butt! After 16 years of her being our always bitter, disgruntled dog, we had to put her down the past September. It went fast, she was literally healthy earlier that day, that night she went into liver failure. As much as I miss her, this photo makes me laugh, she literally let me do just about anything to her, was always by my side or under my feet..hense why I called her Pain in the Butt…She was a good doggie.

And I just had 6 cars pull into my drive way chasing down the UPS truck that was delivering something here??!! That’s how country I live…you can randomly pull into people’s drive way and have the UPS guy start giving out packages lol.


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  • 1. edensmommy  |  December 22, 2009 at 8:40 pm

    click on the picture if it doesn’t show will pop up in a different window

  • 2. Debbie  |  December 23, 2009 at 3:58 am

    Sweet. Sahara looked brilliant all decked out! Gift wrapping & dessert making starts here tomorrow! Now go chase that UPS truck off your driveway;)

    • 3. edensmommy  |  December 23, 2009 at 6:40 am

      LOL I’m glad people thought it was amusing. Hubby was like..”these people are going to turn you into Peta” lolol. I’m making the cheesecakes for us tomorrow and cookies on Thursday. The UPS truck had to be the funniest thing. We live out there so it’s only one truck that comes through this way. When all these cars started pulling in, I’m like..ok no one ever comes here lol plus I was outside in my Christmas PJ’s lololol

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