December 21, 2009 edensmommy

I’m doing a few back updates. Hubby has been working major OT for HSN so I don’t get the computer very often. This takes us back To last Friday and the weekend festivities.

We have alot of medical bills and hubby as I said has been working all the OT he can. 1. For Christmas money, 2. for a possible trip home to Florida to see my parents who aren’t doing well, 3. To get caught up. Hubby swore he’d take one full day off so we could get Christmas shopping done and just spend time together. That day was Friday. I struggled to be “Present” in the moments but it was a good day. We went to Mt Juliet about 40 mins away, that has an open mall (We have no mall where we’s Walmart or nothing) Hubby discovered they had an NY pizza place. OHMYGOODNESS we have hit the mother load. See Hubby is from Philly and for some reason he KNOW”S NY pizza. We used to be able to get it occassionally at a few places in South Florida but since moving to chance. OH MYGOODNESS we were little oinkers..soo good..just soo good!! YUMMY! So we started out day there…they were all in love with my little girl and she loved that they gave her dough to play with. NEXT was PETSMART. Eden struggles with being lonely and various other behavioural issues..her Dr suggested a Pup of her own. SO “Santa” is bringing Eden a puppy for Christmas. I think it’s really going to help her out alot with some of her difficulties. Problem was we had so much to buy for the pup, but didn’t want Eden to know. So Hubby and I took turns taking her all over the store while the other hid things under our coats. I finally took a run for the check out line and the Petsmart employee’s were more than willing to get in on the fun of keeping her in the dark and helped me out to the car. I was back before she discovered I had left lol.

Next we were off to JCPENNY to do some shopping for Abuelo..check done with that. I wondered into Old Navy to pick up some scarves and found the cutest dog outfit on clearance..check that off my list. Then into Target to find something to place the doggie in for me to wrap..check found it..and good storage for later…5 hours later..we were beat. It was so cold (“I”m from Florida..remember that when I say I’m cold) so we stopped at Red Lobster for a bit of regrouping. I love lobester..yummy but Eden decided to get crab legs for the first time. Seriously??!! I do not know who on earth at Red Lobster corporate who thought putting crab legs on a kids menu was a great idea..but it’s not. Mommy sat there cracking them..Eden didn’t eat them..and by the time I was food was cold and everyone else was finished..SERIOUSLY??!! Luckily she finished daddy’s linguinie and her potato..mommy was happy.

They began putting out freeze yea I have no clue how to drive in snow let alone ice…so we began hurring up our day out. We headed to the Farm for their annual festival of lights. Eden sat up front while we drove through 5 miles of Christmas wonderlands and lights.

Last stop..Walmart to try and find her second biggest want off her Christmas list. Handy Manny work bench. Target did not have it. 3 Walmarts did not have it. Finally gave up, bought my cheesecake supplies and ordered it online. Should be here anyday.


Wraped Christmas presents while hubby watched tv (Big shock) Wait I take that back. He offered to help cut the direction I couldn’t. So I”m sitting on the bed and he comes over to cut and I said..just don’t cut my the last word leaves my mouth he stabs my foot with the sissors lol. In his defense he said he didn’t know where my foot was??!! yea ok so on we go. Saturday was Christmas cards and cheesecake making day. I finally realized I had a sterio in the Kitchen and found our local Christian station was playing all Christmas music. With Hubby on the computer all the time I really hadn’t been able to listen to any Christmas music so this was a real treat (Sasha is Snoring SOO LOUD right now behind me..GOODNESS) I began to blast the music and here comes my little princess! She sat on her stool while mommy fixed 6 cheesecakes and between placing them in the freezer to set, we took turns dancing to the various music.

Sunday we didn’t make it to morning service. But Eden had her first Christmas pagent that evening. I packaged up all the cheesecakes to hand out and got my little christmas Angel ready. 

so after the pagent we had great food and a time of Dirty Santa and headed home. Our christmas so far…and here is a photo just because


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  • 1. Diane  |  December 21, 2009 at 5:37 pm

    It’s been so long and Eden has gotten so big! I know this has been a terrible long road and a extremly lonely one for you. I wish you had more support, more breaks, more answers. You have to be the strongest person I have ever met. I would break and fall apart. I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve ever witnessed that from you. I honestly wish you’d do it more often. I miss our morning workouts at crunch, walks to Starbucks and sitting on the beach watching the sun come up. I miss your hugs, your big smile and your voice. You know if you ever decide to come out of retirement there is a Studio and job waiting for you in South Beach. Many of your old clients would give anything for you to be back here, me included.
    Love you girl, I’m GOING to come see you even if I have to drive 5 hours when you come down to see your parents.
    Call you soon

  • 2. Debbie  |  December 21, 2009 at 8:14 pm

    Sounds like a wonderful day! I just read your earlier post too and I’m thinking you should bring in NY Pizza for Christmas!!!! That would be hilarious!!!! Anyway, glad you got out for some good laughs — the puppy thing sounds like a sitcom.

    • 3. edensmommy  |  December 22, 2009 at 12:15 am

      OHMYGOSH Debbie it was hysterical. I had the cart and my big “Bear coat, eden’s coat and Hubbies coat on top of where the child seat is” So I kept shoving things down there and covering it up. The manager kept watching and finally I brought him over. I’m like I’m not stealing..tha’ts my little girl and we have no other way on this earth to shop for this pup. So he let all the employee’s know. Once I made a mad dash for the check out line..this guy jumped in with a 50 pound bag of dog food..and I’m running all over the place trying to find those ring pops for eden lolol. He’s like lady…you are going to break your neck if you don’t slow down..then I told him I was trying to out run my 4 year old and he’s like..get in front of me lol. It was great..we are going to the Tractor Supply (Don’t ask lol) to see Santa on Wednesday with 2 real was wonderful.

  • 4. edensmommy  |  December 22, 2009 at 9:38 am

    Hey Di,
    I’m not sure we’re are going to be able to make the trip. Don’t book me for ANYTHING!! Yep Eden will turn 5 on the 13th of next month. Wish you could be here for it. Try and call me this week. late ok? Like after 11pm you’re time??
    Love ya
    Tell Elanzo and Gloria hi for me.

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