An early Morning

December 21, 2009 edensmommy

I have no clue what in the name of all that is Holy and right with this world, WHY I am up at 6:50am central time when I just went to bed at 4:30am..but I am. I am having a very difficult time sleeping of late. My body is exhausted but when I lay down, my brain will not switch off. I’m getting so worked up, my skin just crawls. Anyone who know’s me, know’s my aversion to Sleeping pills, pain meds things like that…but I’m getting so desperate to just once wake up feeling rested. There is alot more going on in my world other than just the constant of keeping up with a sick child and Father in law and it’s getting to the point where I feel numb. When I begin to feel the pain and gravity of it all, it’s like my brain hits the Numb button. I guess it’s protective but when I’m struggling to enjoy something as simple as my little girl performing in her first Christmas pagent at church, or a day out with family…it’s just not working for me. So once again I find myself up early, sitting in a very quiet house minus my pooch who is sharing the sofa with me as I type’s constant snoring lol.

So I have no idea what on earth to fix for Christmas dinner. I am a great baker…I’m an ok cook. But honestly, you’d think as many hours as I spend watching the Food network and reading cook books..SOMETHING Would rub off on me. It’s not for lake of trying or experimenting..I do it all the time…it just doesn’t always turn out the way They do it lol. I can I forget (Or anyone let me forget) the Christmas chicken and stuffing of 3 years ago! I should have been arrested for what happened to that meal! Year after that, was a green bean casaroll gone very very wrong…and then last years attempt at Lasanga…yea we wont speak of it! So to say I”m a little apprehenisve of what to do for this an understatement.  I’m so over turkey..not going to happen don’t wanna see one until next year. Not gonna do the Turduken either. Chicken is not an option and neither is Ham to my hubby’s great dismay. See I married a Puerto Rican and  he loves Pig and Pig biproducts. Well not only do I not, but I’m seriously allergic! I’m also allergic to yea a double Uh oh in the world of Puerto Rican cuisine lol. The Rice I have managed to on small portions reintroduce to my diet…for some reason it seems to be more of a White rice issue than anything else. just can’t. Wether it’s been a disguised I swear it’s an all beef hot dog that’s not or just trying a piece of ham..I can’t! So he’s dying for a ham for Christmas and I have offered..but he wont let me cook something we can’t all eat. I mean seriously..I’d be very content just eating sides lolol…after all I am ALL about the Stuffing!! So anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking Prime Rib but last time Hubby Ordered it, he sent it back soo many times to the kitchen to get it “More well done” I was beginning to worry what the chef might be doing to it back there lol.


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  • 1. edensmommy  |  December 21, 2009 at 2:21 pm

    oh I appologize for spelling and word errors…

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